Draft invoices and send to customers

The invoicing feature in Haven is very similar to the process that you are already used to for estimates.

Creating a Draft Invoice

To create a draft invoice, tap or click the invoice icon in the navigation bar.  (On a smartphone or tablet, you can also tap the invoice icon in the blue quick action button in the lower right-hand corner.)  In the upper right-hand corner of the invoice page, you will see a “New Invoice” button.  Tap or click the “New Invoice” button and fill in the requested information in the window that appears.  Finally, save the estimate as a draft by tapping or clicking the “Save as Draft” button at the bottom of the window.

You can also create an invoice by converting an estimate that a customer has accepted into an invoice.  After a customer has accepted an estimate, tap or click on the estimate icon in the navigation bar.  Tap or click the accepted estimate from the list of accepted estimates.  In the detailed estimate view, tap or click “Convert to Invoice.”

Sending to a Customer

When you create a new invoice, you can either save the invoice as a draft or send it immediately to the customer.  To send the invoice to the customer immediately, tap or click the “Send Estimate” button at the bottom of the window in which you first create the invoice.

If you have saved the invoice as a draft, then you can return to it any time by going to the invoice page, tapping or clicking the “Drafts” column, tapping or clicking the particular invoice that you want to send in the list of invoices, and tapping or clicking the “Send Invoice” button in the window.

Tracking the Status of Invoices

Haven makes it easy for you to track the status of invoices that you’ve already created or sent to customers.  You can check on the status of an invoice by going to the invoice page and tapping or clicking through the “All,” “Drafts,” “Sent,” and “Late” columns.

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